We ♥ birds

Sydney Bird Club was founded to have fun while bird watching. It’s a way to get outside, go for a walk and appreciate the beautiful city that we live in.

Since our motto is ‘Birds N Beers’, we often follow a walk with a few beers afterwards. We love newcomers and anyone is welcome on one of our walks. Just follow our Instagram posts to see when we’ll be walking, where we’ll be walking and where to meet.

Our club is geared toward newbies as we’re by no means experts ourselves. We just like to have a little fun and get outside. So don’t be shy if you don’t know anything about birds.


Becoming a Sydney Bird Club member is totally free! Just sign up for our e-newslettter and we’ll consider you a member of Sydney Bird Club. We’re all about inclusivity plus you’d get to tell your friends you’re in an official member of the SBC.

And our e-newsletter won’t clog your inbox. We’re far too busy birding to be sending you emails all the time. We’ll just send a single monthly email to share information about Australia’s beautiful birds and some photos from our last walk. Nothing more than that.