This year we’re celebrating Christmas in July in a big way - by offering FREE FOREVER SHIPPING everywhere in Australia. Starting now, all our products will have free standard shipping within Australia, no expiry and no limit. We’ve thought long and hard about this and ultimately decided that what Christmas is all about is the indomitable spirit of giving. We want you to be able to share our ornaments or our tabletop sets with the people you love near and far or keep them as a gift for yourself. Plus all our products are sustainably made 100% in Australia to last a lifetime.

Christmas is special in Australia and different to the rest of the world. Our products are designed to reflect this unique Aussie experience and your purchase also supports three Australian organizations working hard to protect Australia’s native plants, animals and habitats: The Australian Marine Conservation Society which protects ocean wildlife, BirdLife Australia and Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens. 

Ultimately, we believe that giving is really sharing and sharing is what connects to each other at the very core of our humanity. As you bundle up this July we hope you take the time to celebrate Christmas in July by sharing or reflecting or checking in on the people you love near and far. There’s always been a bit of magic to Christmas and we can certainly feel it in the air this July, blowing in all the way from December. So have a cuppa, call a friend and don’t give shipping costs a second thought ever again at Outer Island.

Stephanie and Amy

Stephanie Chambers