Black Swan Ornament

Black Swan Ornament


Native to Western Australia, the Black Swan has been introduced all over the world, but it’s truly the feathered O.G. to WA. Found on their state symbol, Black Swans are large and graceful with sleek black feathers. In medieval times people thought it likelier to bump into a unicorn than a black swan. It was a symbol for the impossible. But like many discoveries over the years, we’re glad the Black Swan was proven real just like we’re glad we won’t fall off the edge of a flat earth too if we go to visit them.

5% of the sales of this product support BirdLife Australia.

Conservation Status: Least concern

97mm x 102mm
Hand painted wooden ornament with jute twine / painted one-side.

* Since this item is handmade, each ornament is slightly varied in patterning, texture, wood grain or burn.

Designed and made locally in Sydney.

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