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Hand-Painted / 100% made in Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Wall Hangings

This duo of colourful wall hangings are sure to beach up any home and remind you of warm days spent swimming in the turquoise blue waters of Australia.

Shortfin Mako 〰️ Whale Shark


hand-painted / 100% made in Sydney, Australia

Cockatoo Ornaments

We are endlessly fascinated by these party parrots. Large, loud and lively, most of the world's cockatoos call Australia home. With their almost deafening calls a rallying cry, is there any better reason to celebrate? You can tell, right? We're totally obsessed.

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Outer island Studio


Proudly 100% made in australia

We are a sustainably focused Sydney based souvenir company with the goal of creating Australian souvenirs that are actually made in Australia. Our mission is to bring awareness to the magic of Oz by creating products that focus on native plants, animals and habitats. We are avid birders, snorkelers and bush walkers and work out of our sunny studio in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

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latest Press:

‘A Refreshing take on Australiana’ by Nicole Elphick

When New York native Stephanie Chambers moved to Australia in 2016 with her partner, Sydneysider Amy Ranck, she tried to find lightweight souvenirs to send home to her family. "We couldn't quite find anything that fit the bill," she says.

So Chambers, who is an artist, and Ranck, a graphic designer, decided to start their own business, Outer Island, to make beautiful, nature-inspired bits and bobs that wouldn't require a fortune in stamps…


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