As our products feature Australia's native plants, animals and habitats, we believe it's fundamental to give back.

Our partnerships allow us to support special organisations within Australia working hard to preserve our oceans, plants and all the special creatures that call Australia home. 

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BirdLife Australia

BirdLife Australia is the nation’s largest bird conservation organisation who’s mission is to make a real and positive difference for Australia’s birds. And what a difference they’ve made. Around since 1901 they were there at the very start of bird conservation. Their more recent achievements include identified 315 Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs), releasing over 100 critically endangered Regent Honeyeaters back into the wild, establishing sanctuaries, providing protection through fencing for our birds and so much more.

Our donation comes from your support:

We are proud to be members and supporters of BirdLife Australia. We will be donating 5% of the sales from the following items to the conservation of Australia’s birds: Our Kookaburra Ornament, Budgerigar Ornament, Pied Budgerigar Ornament, Eastern Rosella Ornament, Scarlet Robin Ornament, Magpie Ornament, Black Swan Ornament, Wompoo Dove Ornament, Macaroni Penguin Ornament and Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo Tree Topper.

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Australian Marine Conservation Society

The Australian Marine Conservation Society is Australia’s only national charity dedicated solely to protecting Australia’s ocean wildlife. Formed over fifty years ago by scientists and ocean conservationists, AMCS has led the fight to protect our oceans. They’ve prevented mining on the Great Barrier Reef, helped spearhead a global ban on commercial whaling, secured the Great Barrier Reef as a marine park, saved Ningaloo Reef, created the sustainable fishing revolution and much, much more.

Our donation comes from your support:

We are thrilled to be supporting these ocean-saving-superheroes by donating 5% of the sales from selected products to their campaigns. Our Shortfin Mako Shark Ornament and Wall Hanging support their ‘Save our Sharks’ campaign, while our Great Barrier Reef Ornaments, Moorish Idol and Finger Coral Great Barrier Reef habitats support their ‘Fight for our Reef’ campaign. Our Whale Shark Ornament, Whale Shark Wall Hanging and our Spotted Eagle Ray Ornament directly support their ‘Ocean Plastic Pollution’ campaign.

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Foundation & Friends

Foundation & Friends plays an important role in supporting horticulture, science, research, education and conservation. They support The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens Mount Tomah and The Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan.

We are delighted to offer all members of the above Botanic Gardens a 10% discount on any online order. The discount code will have been previously provided to you by Foundation & Friends. If you see us at a market, simply flash your membership card to receive the discount in person.

Our donation comes from your support:

We are also proud to support this important organisation by donating 5% of the sales from the following products to Foundation & Friends: Gum Blossom Ornament, Banksia Ornament, Wattle Ornament, Native Flora Ornament Pack, Garden Snail Ornament, Powerful Owl and Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Ornament.

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