Spring in Sydney :)


Ahhhhhhh it's officially Spring. And even though Sydney has a notoriously nice Winter and one without snow, it's still a welcome change in season that brings with it new sights and sounds.

One of the biggest differences from the Winter to the Spring here has been the re-emergence of creatures big and small. The lizards have now returned in full force to bask in the Sun during the day and at night the insects have resumed singing (which makes it even sound a little like Summer).

In fact, as a I type this, a bearded monitor lizard is sunning itself just outside the window on the patio bricks. He's smallish in size, but I'm sure we'll see him again on and off during the Spring and Summer having grown larger. Over time, it's easy to get to know what lives close by. Right now we have a wren family in the hedges and a brush turkey who walks right outside the front door.

Having grown up in New York, this all seems like magic to me and I'm certain I'll never get used it. The thing I find most appealing about Sydney is its integration with nature and wildlife. It's not separate here and Amy and I don't have to travel very far to get inspiration for our next design or artwork.

Crystal clear blue water in Sydney Harbour as seen from the forest

Crystal clear blue water in Sydney Harbour as seen from the forest

At our favorite local bush walk in the Sydney Harbour National Forest, the wildflowers are in full bloom and it smells sweetly. Bees are out in droves, feasting and pollinating and the weather is just beginning to turn warm enough to wear shorts.

Although Amy and I are active outdoors year round, we look forward to Summer the most because we're both avid snorkelers. This will be my first proper Summer in Australia and I can't wait to take advantage of all the local snorkel spots. While were still living in NYC a couple of years ago, Amy gave me a GoPro as a Christmas gift before a trip we took to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. We love to take photographs and videos of underwater worlds to use as reference in our designs and once the weather is warmer, we'll be posting lots of underwater photography.

Happy Spring!