Getting Ready for Christmas in Australia


It's almost Spring!

And thanks to the 26 degree day last Sunday, we've been feeling all those summer vibes recently even if the weather hasn't totally warmed up yet. Sydney is, of course, still beautiful is winter, but there's something so special about being able to swim all day and sit outside at night without heat lamps that we miss terribly.

Summer also means Christmas, which for us is the busiest and best time of the year. We love Christmas and all the magic that comes with the season. Every year Amy and I come to a compromise on when I can start playing Christmas music in the studio as I can be a bit over eager. (I have a killer Christmas mix if you're interested, just message me).

This Christmas season we'll be out and about, participating in markets and having some of our stock for sale at shops throughout Australia. There have been lots of new products in the works and we'll be launching a heap of new items very soon.

We love thinking about what Christmas in Australia means and how to share it with people. Coming from the Northern Hemisphere where it's bitterly cold and sometimes snowing at Christmas, it's a huge change to be in Australia. Things that worked in New York like snowmen ornaments and North pole imagery don't cut it here. Australia is its own special paradise at Christmas and totally unique from the rest of the world. We try to capture that in our ornaments and Christmas lines.

One thing that we're especially proud of, is that all of our products for Outer Island are made here in Australia. This means that we can't wholesale all of them due to higher production costs, but we're so happy to be part of the fabric of the amazing manufacturers here in Sydney and elsewhere. We know that getting our products made here means someone gets a living wage and the other benefits that come along with working in Australia.

So. Happy spring. Happy almost summer. And happy almost Christmas season. We hope you've pulled your swimsuits and beach blankets out of the closet to get ready.