Partnership with the Australian Marine Conservation Society

Image provided by AMCS

Image provided by AMCS

We are thrilled to have partnered with The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), Australia’s only national charity dedicated solely to protecting Australia’s ocean wildlife. Formed over fifty years ago by scientists and ocean conservationists, AMCS has led the fight to protect our oceans. They’ve prevented mining on the Great Barrier Reef, helped spearhead a global ban on commercial whaling, secured the Great Barrier Reef as a marine park, saved Ningaloo Reef, created the sustainable fish revolution and much, much more.

They are proof that people can make a difference to protect the future of our planet. Currently, they are hard at work advocating to stop Adani from creating one of the biggest coal mines in the world inland from the Great Barrier Reef. From AMCS: Australians have a deep bond with our oceans. As inhabitants of the largest island on earth, it is our great privilege to grow up surrounded by an amazing diversity of life and colour.

The voice for Australia’s oceans, AMCS works to ensure the future of our beloved waters. At Outer Island, our mission is bring awareness to the magic of Australian native plants, animals and habitats. As avid snorkellers, we are obsessed with the oceans and often overwhelmed at what we can do to help. AMCS makes it easy to help, with mailing campaigns on their website that take less than five minutes to complete. They are the hub for what’s happening in Australia’s oceans.

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Beginning this April, we are thrilled to be supporting the ocean superheroes at AMCS by donating 5% of the sales from selected products to their ‘Save the Sharks’ campaign, ‘Fight for our Reef’ campaign and ‘Ocean Plastic Pollution’ campaign.

Mako Shark Ornament and Mako Shark Wall Hanging - The fastest shark in the world, sadly Mako Sharks are in decline. Ready for your tree or walls, 5% of sales from our Mako Shark Ornament and Mako Shark Wall Hanging support AMCS’ ‘Save the Sharks’ campaign.

Moorish Idol and Finger Coral Great Barrier Reef Habitat - Legend says the Moorish Idol fish brings happiness. Since a close cousin of happiness is hope, what better fish to celebrate the Great Barrier Reef. One of our new products in 2019, our tabletop Great Barrier Reef habitat supports AMCS’ ‘Fight for our Reef’ campaign with a 5% donation from sales.

Great Barrier Reef Wall Hangings - New in 2019, this group of five painted wall hangings is a limited-edition batch to celebrate the Great Barrier Reef. One of a kind, this wall art will brighten any room and remind you that the magic of the Great Barrier Reef is worth fighting for. 5% of sales from these wall hangings supports AMCS’ ‘Fight for our Reef’ campaign.

Whale Shark Ornament and Whale Shark Wall Hanging - The biggest fish in Australia’s oceans, whale sharks are gentle filter feeders. Sadly, they are endangered. 5% of sales from this product supports AMCS’ Ocean Plastic Pollution’ campaign

Spotted Eagle Ray Ornament - Found throughout Australia in shallow coastal waters, the rays are protected in the Great Barrier Reef. 5% of their sales support AMCS'' ‘Ocean Plastic Pollution’ campaign.

To read more about the incredible work that AMCS does, or to make a direct donation to them, please visit their website:

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